The Night Before Second Grade

Thought I'd share the sweetest thing we did the night before the first day of second grade. Aston's  second grade teacher handed us a booklet the night of the school's teacher and parents meet and greet last week. It was something we'd read with him the night before the first day of school. 

here's what the cover page says : 

open and read this together at bedtime on sunday. no peeking! 

inside is a packet of sequins confetti

here's what's written inside : 

I just thought that was the neatest thing. Honestly, it was tough getting him to bed early last night. We've spent late summer nights and he's struggled going back to the old early routine. But as soon as he read that, he got really excited. He did refuse to sprinkle "girly" sequins under his pillow as the book instructed but he did hold on to that booklet till he fell asleep! 

Happy first day of school to most kiddos and happy Monday to all! 


Halloween Recap

This trio reunited once again this year for Halloween.
Had fun knocking at doors, running around the block and finally trying to eat their candies before dinner.
My niece Ailynne and her boys came over for Halloween night. Last year Aston, Daniel and David had a blast trick or treating and this year was no different. We were thankful that the all-day rain finally stopped that night and we were able to go around the block for some fun trick or treating!
photo by Ailynne


A Chicago Weekend

Never fails. We are sad leaving Chicago but for a quick short weekend, we had a wonderful time especially when the perfect fall weather sets in. Sunny and in the high 60s. Crisp cold air and the smell of early fall, glorious weather indeed!









how was your weekend? 


Our First Grader

 Today is a classic first day of school, rainy and gloomy (just as I always remembered as a kid). We just got back from California yesterday but we are all ready up and bright this morning for first day of school. 

Aston will be in first grade and we are excited for him. We met his new teacher (who's wonderful!) and classmates last week and it was nice meeting parents as well! 

We were the first one there today in the classroom and we get to snap a pic of him and his teacher!  
Never fails. I cry every year when I drop him off on the first day of school (notice how small my eyes are?). I was a total mess while he's all embarassed. Year after year you get to realize that he's all grown up. A bit more responsible. Slightly reliable. Is that really our baby boy? 

Do you moms feel the same way? 


Summer Lately

I never intended to neglect this family blog but it seems to look that way. Judging by my pics, we've been a little busy lately. The first month of summer flew by so fast and pretty soon we are gearing up for the new school year and fall! 

Lots of good times, travel memories we've had this past month or so. We have a few trips planned next month before we slow down and focus on school. In the meantime, you can catch me in my instagram (@swankychicfete) or my other lifestyle blog for what's going on around here....!


Father's Day Weekend

We had a wonderful time celebrating the special men in our lives this weekend. We took my father out saturday for lunch and shopping (nordstrom still have their half-yearly sale!). They had some really great sale at the men's department. Ben scored a pair of really inexpensive driving shoes and a couple of shirts at amazing discounted prices. For their gifts, I was lucky to chance upon free engraving at macy's with purchase of any calvin klein scents, so i thought that was really neat. On top of that, the gifts with purchase is always a great plus (in this case, koozies and a canvas duffel bag)! 

Earlier in the week was also my father's birthday so we had a nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. We are so grateful for his good health and strength. Yesterday we also celebrated my niece (and goddaughter) Jillian's  high school graduation party. She was our flower girl thirteen years ago and surely it was surreal that she's heading off to college this fall! 

Summer camp and activities is wearing out this momma and this boy. The heat is too much to handle and I have the honor of driving him around. I'm already tired just thinking about it. BUT, i wouldn't want it any other way :) 

It's monday again and I hope you all had an amazing father's day weekend celebration! 


A Lego Weekend

This is where we were this past weekend. A quick trip to the little guy's favorite place on earth. His favorite Lego characters and friends were all present ~ he had a grand time! 

It was a bit cold with an overcast on Saturday and Sunday in Carlsbad. But there was no rain, so we enjoyed the cooler weather. We just got back and the reality of 95+ deg warm humid weather jolted us back to hometown Houston. 

But it's great to be back home. 

How was your weekend? 


Last Day of School

Last Thursday, the day after their kindergarten graduation celebration, their class had a water slide party at school. This was their last day of kindergarten and they surely had a blast!

We will miss all of these guys. I have been close to his teachers and most moms and I am sure Aston will miss his best buds terribly. Cheers to a fun summer and new adventures and new friends come fall! 


Our Family's Easter

It was a nice long weekend Easter break for us. Spent with family, it was simply perfect. Here are a few images to recap the weekend. 


We discovered baby bunnies in one of our flower bushes. Three of them were cuddling and keeping warm under the leaves and our landscaping lamps! Super cute! 


Aston with his grandparents. Love that he can spend most of his time with them. They're not getting any younger and I know he treasures all his moments with them. My sister-in-law also flew in from Indiana and he get to play with her! 


After early Easter mass, we bribed him for a series of Easter poses before heading out for brunch. This is how it turned out. Ha - crazy boy! 

There was a good amount of spring rain Sunday afternoon that left a cooler early evening cast. So, we took advantage of it and had post-dinner dessert outside with this funny little man. Check out the random house shirt and fancy jacket he refuses to take off way after Easter mass :) 


I hope you all had a great Easter!