Our Christmas Holiday weekend

Here are a few scenes from a wonderful weekend and Christmas holiday spent with friends and family!

I hope you all had a great time too! 
Our little family is gearing for new hopes and dreams for 2013! 


Merry Christmas!

Spreading love and good cheer 
to all this glorious holiday season! 

xoxo, Lili 


Holiday Break

I am looking forward to this holiday break. We'll be focusing on spending time with the family ~ joining the little guy's school christmas party, preparing for christmas eve, last-minute shopping, delivering gifts, enjoying some hot chocolate with marshmallows, driving through beautifully christmas lit neighborhoods and ultimately making memorable moments with loved ones this season of giving! 
So before I sign off for a long weekend break, this was how my week started : 
  • tying grosgrain ribbons on design darling gifts (no need for a box ~ so pretty!)
  • hanging our latest inexpensive T ornament (from michaels!)
  • singing carols with kindergarteners last monday at their annual christmas sing-along
  • driving through river oaks
  • painting my nails nude again (chanel frenzy is a new favorite!)
  • dining out with my girlfriends and having fun exchanging gifts
  • holding tight the special christmas project aston did at school (adorable)
  • and dressing up candycanes with washi tape flags (fancy!)  
Also, don't forget our ongoing 
we will pick a winner on Christmas eve! 

FRIENDS, i sincerely hope you all have a wonderful time with your families! 
i'll see you back here next week! 


A Sad Heart + Christmas pjs linky party

My heart goes out to all the parents, families and loved ones affected at yesterday's senseless tragedy. May the good Lord's comfort and warmth be upon them during this very difficult time. 

Couldn't be more thankful for this little guy we get to hug and kiss everyday. So grateful for this precious innocent life we continue to treasure and nurture. Guide and support. Love and cherish. We pray that we continue to have strength to protect and shield our children from any terror and we can only hope and believe that this will never happen again.  
Christmas pjs 2012

On a lighter note, as soon as December hit ~ we had Aston wear his Christmas jammies (some old and a couple new ones from Target) and it does add a little holiday cheer at home (and for bedtime)! 

And while you have sweet photos or a blogpost of your babies' in their chirstmas pjs, link them up with my friend, Meredith's christmas pajamas linky party ~ as I am doing today! 


Missing You

I am getting a little personal today on the blog, just skip this post if you're quite not into that. 5 years ago today we lost a sister. Not a day goes by without thinking of her and missing her terribly. Our little Aston was just a few months old then and he never had the chance to get to know her. Our family holds dearly all the fond memories we had with her. I miss her giggles, smiling eyes and contagious laughter. She passed right before christmas and ever since, our holiday celebration were never the same without her. 

It reminds us of how precious our lives are and how swiftly it can be taken away from us. Everyday i get to give our boy a tighter hug and blow lots of kisses for that extra dose of love. Everyday is a moment treasured with our loved ones. 


Vegas Report

Hello friends! 

We just came back from a very quick visit to vegas. It's always fun to witness the extravagant colorful fare that is las vegas and especially at this time of the year, it was over the top fancy to say the least. We accompanied the husband to his annual conference there and for a short visit, we all had a great time. Unfortunately, I had to endure travelling with a severe head cold and congestion and despite my foggy head, we had fun! 

While the hubs attended his meetings, me and my sweet sidekick aston had the perfect time bonding over brunch, shopping and treating ourselves with delightful desserts over coffee for me and milk for him. Although I'm sure he was disappointed we were not in Disneyland, on our way home he had the time of his life meeting our plane's pilots and crew - he was so excited and can't stop talking about it! 

It's great to be back home. I've got my to-do list on pause-mode because of our trip but I am determined to cross those out this coming week!  How was everyone's weekend?