Weekend Report and More

It's rodeo time here in Houston and last Friday was my son's rodeo day at school. We went for the urban cowboy look wearing a plaid shirt and old H&M boots which surprisingly held up well for the price we got it for last october. This coming Wednesday is their rodeo cook-off at school where they will actually get to BBQ their lunch themselves. Hopefully, they won't burn the school down! 


Technically, spiderman and the cowboy look does not blend well but he has to show it off somehow. 

Stripey twins

Crazy happy

These were scenes from our weekend. It was cold and dreary but we still had a lot of fun driving around with daddy. We were both in stripes and thought that was cute! 

Lastly, neiman marcus beauty event is ongoing - what did you pick up in order to score that adorable faux python tote with freebies in it? I fell in love with my purchases : 

Tom Ford loot

Tom Ford's lip color in cherry lush and casablanca. Also, a bottle of african violet nail lacquer which i'm now wearing and it's an amazing color!

The beauty event lasts till march 4th!

Have a great week all!


Post-Valentine Report

It was a lovely time with just the three of us spending Valentine's day together. I cooked a simple Valentine's dinner meal and we hang out together afterwards. Earlier that day, Aston had a Valentine's party at school and boy, did he take home lots of goodies from his friends. It was like christmas all over again! Too bad, I forgot to take pictures of it.

Here's the sweet bookmark gift he gave us for Valentine's day from school with his photos on it. So cute!

Bookmark Vday gift for mom & dad

I got an acrylic photo (photo by my niece Ailynne) block for the husband from me and the little guy ordered from Erin Condren and it was just a precious gift. He loved it! 

Picture block

This were the texts on the back that you can customize. It was just the perfect Valentine's gift! 

Picture block

For me, Ben got me a whole new workout wardrobe from Lululemon! Loved sweating out in style! LOL!  
I hope you all had a wonderful hearts week! 


little valentine's

the weekend was a quiet one. it was a cold weekend and after church and brunch, the little guy and i spent some time preparing his school valentine's treats for his buddies. 

he is bigtime into lego star wars lately and it was one of those days that a store bought lego star wars treat was just the perfect valentine's for his little friends. i am glad that he is willing to share that obsession with them and is just ecstatic to hand them out. we received strict intructions from his teachers that they themselves need to write their names and their classmates' names on the cards so he spent a great deal of time perfecting the scribbles. 

of course, i was not about to give up my semi-crafty skills and  helped out on the simple packaging for it.  check out the little guy's handwriting below. i think more practice is in order for him during the summer in preparation for kindergarten! 

Little Valentine's

for the easy bags to hold the stickers and cards, here are the supplies :

smallest sized ziploc
craft scissors
card stock paper

all i did was cutout the patterned paper (i used a polkadot red & white one - not too girly but still perfect for valentine's) just enough to fit as a favor topper to dress up the package. i trimmed the edges using a pretty craft scissor for an added design touch. finally, i glued them using my trusty tombow glue.

Packaging supplies

you can kick it up a notch and stamp a valentine-themed design (with the help of the little one) on the favor paper topper if you are using a plain colored cardstock. but since we are using a patterned one here, i left that out and just trimmed the edges with a fancy craft scissor. 

Ready to go!

......and here are the valentine's treats all ready to be handed out this tuesday! 

{photo apps used were pixlromatic and phonto via iPhone}