Aston's Christmas trees

Ever since we've had Aston 3 years ago, we traditionally put up a baby christmas tree decorated with kid-friendly ornaments. We will keep this tradition as long as he looks forward to decorating his own tree each year. We first thought of keeping that tree in his bedroom but since he hardly ever stays there, we've opted to put it out by the fireplace. Each year I try to keep a fun light theme for his tree. Let me go back on those fleeting baby years as I really am glad to be sticking to this tradition.

aston's baby tree

This was his first ever christmas tree the year he was born, 2007. I hung baby blue and silver baby-themed ornaments. They are so precious. This set was found in target that year.

baby christmas tree

The following year in 2008, we had put our house in the market as we were scheduled to close on our new home that December. We decided to only do the baby tree and decorated it with my collection of beanie babies. We loved it and decided to do that baby tree again for Aston last year in our new home. See photo below.

Aston's beanie baby Christmas tree

For this year I have collected some inexpensive fun ornaments from michaels $1 dollar bin. I was excited to find sports balls-themed ornaments (which he already broke 2 from flicking them) and also plane, taxi and boat ornaments. I topped it with his "A" ornament and this year's baby tree is all set!

aston's tree


Home for the Holidays

The last of the turkey leftover is gone and with countless trips to the garage for more of the stored Christmas decor, our tree is finally up. Despite the presence of the little rascal (who still managed to break two ornaments with a flick of a finger), we succesfully decorated the house from top to bottom!

Kudos to the efforts and help of my mother and sister (who was in town), now the other posing problem is taking it down - ha! In the meantime, we are enjoying the festive mood in our home and I'm loving the apple cinnamon scent of Christmas in the air!


aston with lolo and lola

The grandparents have been here since March and they have spent some quality time with their youngest grandchild. Aston is thrilled to be with them on occasions where we have to be out somewhere. He plays soccer with lolo and enjoys playing with his shadows with lola. We are certainly blessed that at their age, they are able to keep pace with the precocious three year old and we hope they continue to do so long as they can. 

8th grandchild (my side of the family)
lolo with one day old Aston

big boy with lolo
8 week old Aston with lolo

Reading with lolo
hanging out at barnes and noble

With lolo and Lola
shopping with them in chicago last september

Memorial weekend
window shopping at anthropologie

With Lolo & Lola
outside cheesecake factory

With Lolo
dining at woodlands


holiday artwork

We always look forward to seeing aston's artwork from school especially for the holiday season. He always beams with pride as he takes them home and presents us with his masterpieces. Here are a few he had created (along with the help of his teachers im sure) for the past holidays.

our little butterball

our little butterball (thanksgiving 2008)

christmas plate

melamine plate and little angel (christmas 2008)

thanksgiving 09

thanksgiving bib (thanksgiving 2009)

it's a magnet!

magnet frame (chrismas 2009)


Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you and your family a happy Thanksgiving and
hoping you have lots to be thankful this year! 


Remembering Lilith

It will be three years in december since my older sister lilith passed away in 2007 from brain cancer. She was only 41. We miss her terribly.

January 1 1966 - December 12 2007


Our Little Santa

I'm lovingly looking back at our baby's first christmas in 2007. ASTON BENJAMIN, 7 months old. Wearing a christmas cape, socks and cap knitted by daddy's patient. We used this first photo for our holiday card that year.

little santa 4
little santa 5
little santa 6
little santa 7
little santa 3
little santa 2
little santa 1


What I'm Thankful For

~ our little boy is now three
~ our tenth wedding anniversary this year
~ loving my schedule that allows me to attend ALL of our little boy's school programs
~ my parents that are here for an extended vacation
~ my mom who's here cooking some of my favorite filipino dishes EVERYDAY
~ friends who read my blog (i didnt pay them)
~ NM last call online
~ getting my blogging groove back
~ return of the holiday starbucks coffee flavors
~ our upcoming disneyworld trip
~ family, friends and relatives near and far



Daily Chronicles

This blog will chronicle my adventures as a wife and mom. Doses of family images, personal thoughts and opinions will be shared and as life moves on and our daily priorities change, what remains constant are those people you love and how they inspire you.

This will be another spin-off of my old blog, daily chronicles and the previous fashion/style blog, THE daily chronicle SHOW. Same girl, same boy and a new little guy.

Its now daddy, mommy and a little boy ~ three's a crowd but nevertheless happy.