aston with lolo and lola

The grandparents have been here since March and they have spent some quality time with their youngest grandchild. Aston is thrilled to be with them on occasions where we have to be out somewhere. He plays soccer with lolo and enjoys playing with his shadows with lola. We are certainly blessed that at their age, they are able to keep pace with the precocious three year old and we hope they continue to do so long as they can. 

8th grandchild (my side of the family)
lolo with one day old Aston

big boy with lolo
8 week old Aston with lolo

Reading with lolo
hanging out at barnes and noble

With lolo and Lola
shopping with them in chicago last september

Memorial weekend
window shopping at anthropologie

With Lolo & Lola
outside cheesecake factory

With Lolo
dining at woodlands

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