Our Budding Little Artist

I am such a bad mom. I never really pay attention with Aston's little take home projects from whenever he started school back when he was only 2. I have kept all of them but now i am thinking i am going back and sort them out again and stare at them at a different light. 

Recently (he's now just turned 5) he has been bringing home an impressive collection of artwork he has done from school and summer camp. I don't know, maybe it's just me since i am his mom - but I am really loving all his work! 


above is a "springtime" project he did last april during preK

Summer camp painting

a watercolor painting on paper he called "the dragon" from this summer camp 
this purple watercolor on canvas is from vacation bible school last week

Latest by A

and yesterday he came home with this blue watercolor in rolled paper 

Houston peeps, do you know of any art kids school here in houston? I'm thinking of enrolling him and get him the proper training to hone his skills. If there is such thing. I am planning of grabbing paint and canvas from michaels this weekend and get him working at home. that would get him started. he has the rest of summer to get busy! 


Father's Day Weekend Recap

We actually started celebrating father's day weekend Friday night as we went out for dinner with my folks. We again hit the lunch scene for some steaks on Saturday and I cooked corn and pork bbq for dinner on Sunday night. After Sunday mass, Aston and I treated daddy to a movie and we watched Madagascar at the fancy Star Cinema Grill by our house. Great food and chic swanky interiors - the movie was great too! 

 It was a great weekend celebrating the men in my life - my father and my husband. I had to search for some really memorable photos that truly meant a lot to me. This was heartwarming looking back at old photos. 

Sept 2000
My father walking me down the aisle on my wedding day, Sept. 2 2000


 Ben holding Aston the first day he got home from the hospital. So precious. May 2007

matching outfits

Daddy and baby Aston, he's about 3 months old here

big boy with lolo

And big boy Aston (looking like he's 6 months while he's only 3 months old) with my father. 

How did you spend your Father's day weekend? 


Super Hero Party Peeks

Last month we celebrated Aston's 5th birthday with a superhero party and i finally got the amazing pictures my talented niece Ailynne captured from the party (THANK YOU!). There are hundreds of beautiful photos to sort and I am just going to share a few of them here for now. I want to post them all! 

Thank you once again to all our friends and family who came to celebrate with us and making that day another special birthday for our little superhero! 


and she's in facebook too!


Daddys of Summer

Here are more lost pics from our San Antonio trip this past May. 
Ode to the daddies who sweat and swam it out that hot humid weekend! 


Lost Quarry pools


sea world

Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating all the dads in your life this past weekend! 


Instagram Lately

It was a pleasant summer week this past week. In between work and vacation bible school for the little boy, I have a lot in my plate. Literally. Either it's summer corn and lobster salad from Neiman Marcus or my favorite afternoon treat, a cup of frozen yogurt - flavor of choice : low-fat dulce de leche and tart mango with fresh mangoes, strawberries and cheesecake bits. And of course, the usual demands of my work.

I got a few surprises this week too. I received an adorable mini-bunting by the seriously talented Jenny of hank and hunt. When it came in the mail, it just made my day brighter. I also picked up a little belated gift from Sephora - fresh sugar lip balms that i'm currently obsessed with.

We are moving to a new office before the month ends and we are excited and exhausted just thinking about it. To calm my senses, I indulge in a little at-home mani and paint my nails pink. And lastly, I dressed up more girly last night for a friend's birthday dinner and opted to go out in bright fuschia and aqua - more daring than usual.

I hope your week was fun and i'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend with the men in my life for father's day!


Summer Artwork

Aston is currently attending summer camp and he came home with this artwork the other day. I asked him what it was and he says "a dragon". Ok. 

Am I the only one that thinks this is a very gorgeous dragon? 

Summer camp painting

The Dragon, by Aston 5 years old

He attends vacation bible school next week. Let's see what he creates then. 


Merry Month of May

It was surely a merry month of May last month. We celebrated Mother's day, Aston's last day in school and 5th birthday and Memorial Day weekend with a quick getaway to San Antonio. The month was packed with joyous celebrations! 

For Memorial day weekend,we stayed at the charming La Cantera resort up in the hills of San Antonio close to Six Flag's Fiesta Texas. The place is about 13 years old but the facilities and grounds are still beautiful with a nature trail, lagoon-style pools and endless activities for kids. 

San Saba

The San Saba Plaza where they held wedding ceremonies & receptions. It has a Koi pond with layered landscaping of rocks and stones. It's lovely up there overlooking the hills. 

Jacuzzi by our hotel room

View from our room - we are just steps away from the jacuzzi via our sliding glass doors. So convenient! 

Lolo and Lola

The grandparents at the old-world charming lobby with an exhausted Aston. We just arrived from our long 3-hour drive. 

Hotel grounds overlooking San Antonio

This is a gorgeous view by the tennis courts. Sprawling golf course and lush trees! 

With tweety

Every weekends this summer (and holidays) the Looney Tunes characters are there at breakfast

Breakfast with new friends

Aston trying hard to ignore the dynamic duo of Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny! 

Roasting s'mores

Every night you get to roast your very own s'mores by the pool! So much fun! 

By the pond

At San Saba Plaza


Check the resort's calendars as they also have petting zoo on Saturdays! 

Summer kids club

Too hot to go outside? The kids can have fun inside the Kid's Club where they will enjoy coloring, crafting and so much fun activities that are geared for all kiddos! This is the same place you drop off the kids for childcare when the adults want some alone time (fees applies) for dinner or adult-only outing. Otherwise, it's free if they just want to hang out while you're in the area with them. 

Kids club

For older kids, a video area/room with big screens are also available. Aston tried a hand with a video kinect game. He was so good at it!

Video games

More fun at the Kid's Club at Westin!

Doll house w super heroes

What are your plans this summer?