Face Off

The many looks of Aston. Serious, goofy, silly and sleepy. Ha! 
How's your Wednesday so far?


Cowpoke Cook-out

Celebrating Texas rodeo day at school is always anticipated every year. This year, Aston's class had a Cowpoke Cookout where the kids help prepare their lunch of hotdogs, beans and bread. Dressed in their cute cowboy duds, this was yet another fun kick off for Houston's rodeo at their school. 

Channeling a preppy urban cowboy wearing a plaid Janie & Jack shirt (gifted by auntie Nina and the twins), pinstriped vest (from last spring), jeans, old buckled belt and H&M boots from 2 years ago. We made it work. Here are a few shots before heading home......








A Little Goodsie For You

Spring cleaning has officially started in our home and with our master bathroom repair, a total overhaul and sorting of my closet is underway. I have decided to resell some of my slightly used costume jewelry and accessories and I'm planning to add more gently used clothes and shoes in the near future. 

They are all priced to sell, so if you have any questions - just contact me via my Goodsie store
Thanks for stopping by! 


Valentine's Day Party

Last Thursday I attended Aston's Valentine's day school party. Such a fun bunch of kindergarteners. They enjoyed some crafting creating hearts using twine and glue. But I must say the bowling game was a hit after cookie treats! 

A little prayer before snacks, as always

Yummy heart cookies!

Valentine's day bowling tournament!

More crafting!

Aston striking a silly pose! 

Valentine's day goody bags are just as fun and exciting as Christmas loot bags! 

A sweet Valentine's gift from the little guy. With pink glitter too :)



Our Valentine's

We normally don't have big plans for valentine's day. Up until we had Aston, we'd go out to dinner avoiding valentine's day but opting to dine out a few days later. So tonight, it's dinner at home and sharing desserts. 

But aston and I had been busy preparing for his valentine's day party at school. I ordered stickers to go on his sweet treat packages (finger skateboards and sports erasers - ha! - boymom for sure) and last night we finished off writing valentines cards to 13 friends for school. Poor thing mastered drawing hearts and writing his name, such a pro! 

Later, I'd be heading to his valentines party and snap pics for his classroom. Thankful that I can spend that special day with him!



Can't resist wrapping his teachers a couple of sweet valentines gifts! 


And we received a lovely card from my parents this morning! 




Weekend Recap

Still having super bowl hangover? Or can't get enough of beyonce's halftime show? Safe to say, amidst the lights out drama, the B mini-concert and the almost comeback of the SF 49ers - it was a pretty exciting night!

Here's what went down this past weekend : got my February julep maven box and I cant wait to try the colors and the top coat that everyone's raving about. One of our staff made me try greek on the go - tiny granola bites with yogurt and they are addicting!

I have some of the sweetest online friends, laurel of go against the grain sent me the cutest valentine's package ~ cupcake toppers and chocolates ~ can't say no! Thanks laurel!

More weekend highlights : a surprise package from my newest blog sponsorchic peek. read all about their fabulous membership subscription program here.

I finally busted out a new candle - a gift from the holidays - that smells amazing, voluspa suede blanc. It's got a fresh musk scent that's perfect for winter. More scent report, I picked up a new cologne, calypso's bellini eau de toilette. I love the sweet scent with it's hint of citrus and jasmine. Can't wait to wear them for spring and summer. 

And the weekend does not end without me baking my most requested gluten-free peanut butter cookies. It has become a family favorite. this time i skipped the nutella, still yummy. You can get the recipe here

Ok, let's get this week started!