Pumpkin Patch from the Past

See, our son is now 5. He thinks he's too hip for the pumpkin patch now. I would still want him to have pictures at the pumpkin patch but he's putting on the breaks and would just love to watch the little babies frolic at the patch.

So, i'm staring at this precious moment back in time in 2010 where he smiled and posed. It actually made it to our holiday card that we decided to do Thanksgiving card that year instead of Christmas. Uhm, can we bring my baby back? 

happy thanksgiving to you and your family!

Custom Thanksgiving card by WHHostess 


Wedding Preps

Our weekend was packed, a birthday party and a wedding. I was surprisingly able to manage and take quite a few shots before heading to Ben's niece Maggie's wedding. But there will be a whole blogpost on the fun kid's party we went to earlier before the wedding.

Here are a few shots before we left to go to church and a picture of aston with his cousins. It was such a fun night being with family and just hitting the dancefloor and enjoying the open bar! 
Maggie's wedding Maggie's wedding

Isn't he cute in his little striped jacket? Cuteness galore. 


Crafting with Splendid

Splendid's store grand opening was last Saturday and we attended the fun-filled crafting + shopping event at their Highland Village store. For the full recap, visit my other post HERE
Splendid crafting community
With blogger Audrey and the boys // my bracelet made of gold and blue beads with Splendid fabric 
Aston enjoying his treat post-escalantes lunch // button station where kids get to pick and make their own


Crafting Comunity for Splendid

Local Houston blogger Audrey and her friends will be hosting a fun family event for the grand store opening of Splendid in the Highland Village this Saturday October 6th at 11 am!

Unfortunately, the hubs has an all-boys outing this Saturday so only Aston and I can come out and play. If you are in the Houston area, please do come out for a crafting community event which will be great!

See you there! 


Bike Riding Nights


Bike riding nights are back! 
The cooler nights with crisp fall air is perfect for bike riding in the neighborhood and we are excited!