Vintage family photos

I'd like to share a few precious photos from our family obviously taken many many years ago in the Philippines. I love the black/white and sepia shots of the images, not sure if the bluish and yellow tinge on the various pictures are due to the scanning or it really depicted the true aging of the photos and is reflected after the scans. No matter how it came about, they are priceless photos of our young family then.  


My father with my three older siblings. This was taken before I was born. 

alvi and lilivi

Mom with Lilivi and Alvi. Must be my sister's birthday celebration. Looks like she's in charge of the cake. 

7up with papang and older sis lilith

Yup, that's me taking a quick refreshing soda drink from Papang before heading back out to the water. Older sister Lilith is behind me. 

fort san pedro iloilo city

Visits to the park was a ritual family outing usually after school or the weekends. That's me and my little brother Vincent and mom at a local park. Not sure why he does not have a shirt on (and shoes). 


At home with the neighborhood kids. This must be a birthday party for me and Lilith. We both have January birthdates and usually share a birthday celebration.

My parents back in the day.


My first time as a flower girl and I don't think i walked the aisle.


My mom and eldest brother at the beach.

christmas with yaya carol and lilith

I must be about 3 years old here attending a holiday party with my older sister Lilith and our nanny. Unsure who the little boy is. Looks like he's got his treat and balloon early before we did. No wonder I was pouting. 


Post-Valentine Report

Last Monday, I was one of the moms helping out for Aston's Valentine's lunch party and we all had a lovely time. Here are a few pictures. 

Before lunch, in their prayer position

Valentine's school party

Chatting and eating

School valentines party

A fun home project we get to enjoy working on. Aston did the honors of putting on the stickers of stuff he loves and I arranged the family photos. This was then posted on their classroom wall

Aston loves...

Their treat bags lined up on the wall so they could each fall in line and drop their goodies in their friends' bags

School goodies bag

I totally forgot to snap a photo of his decorated mini-gable boxes filled with truffles for his classmates. So, this will do

At the end of the day, we had a great time going over his numerous cards and goodies and it's like halloween in February with the amount of treats he took home! 


Under the Weather

That's exactly how I feel and look today. Terribly ill. Both Ben and I are sick and we suspect it came from the little man who briefly had fever last Friday. I already picked up our prescription and we are chillin' watching TV marathon. We are just hoping we will be fine tomorrow in time to go back to work. 

I apologize for not having sunday snapshots today. Obviously, I'm too weak to even carry around that camera. Promise to be back next Sunday for more pretty images. 

{image via


weight issues

Now you know why I can never lose weight!

{thanks for sharing this daday}


Countdown to Four

This little man will turn 4 in a few months. He has grown so much and has shed some baby fat but despite all that, he is still the cuddly sugar booger that he is. He is a total ham and riot! 

Dont grow up so fast, little guy. You will remain our baby forever!  


Sunday Snapshots

I love these pink mercury tiny vases i scored from the after Christmas Michaels sale. They are so dainty and their presence along with the flowers are just lovely, I think. Although I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate them in a possible Valentine's day tablescape, I couldn't resist taking pictures of them. 


Cold hands, Warm hearts

I've been staying at home since yesterday. With temps in record lows (for Houston) of under 30, we folks don't know how to act right. I know funny, but I'd rather be home warm and safe with the little one who's also skipping school. 

In the meantime, we're waiting for "snow" (more like flurries) to drop and we're enjoying a few things to kill the time away. Other than extra hour naps and aiming at a few stubborn "angry birds", we are being treated to these : 

My mom made chicken arroz caldo with lots of garlic. Hello, garlic breath :)


Gosh, i have stopped counting how many cups of green tea 
i've had since this morning (and the number of bathroom trips I've made).


Before lunch today, i baked a batch of chocolate cupcakes enough to feed the entire neighborhood. My cupcakes may not look as good as these but they were delicious i may say. 


I am looking forward to some sunshine and warmer temperatures this weekend. Are you keeping safe and warm at home?