Post-Valentine Report

Last Monday, I was one of the moms helping out for Aston's Valentine's lunch party and we all had a lovely time. Here are a few pictures. 

Before lunch, in their prayer position

Valentine's school party

Chatting and eating

School valentines party

A fun home project we get to enjoy working on. Aston did the honors of putting on the stickers of stuff he loves and I arranged the family photos. This was then posted on their classroom wall

Aston loves...

Their treat bags lined up on the wall so they could each fall in line and drop their goodies in their friends' bags

School goodies bag

I totally forgot to snap a photo of his decorated mini-gable boxes filled with truffles for his classmates. So, this will do

At the end of the day, we had a great time going over his numerous cards and goodies and it's like halloween in February with the amount of treats he took home!