Sunday Snapshots

These photos were not taken by my Canon but were actually shots from my iPhone 3Gs. And yes, I'm longing for the 4 version but this phone has served me well and is still acting right so, I don't see the need to upgrade so far. 

I'm probably the last to post about this cool iPhone app from hipstamatic that delivers and develops vintage-looking photos with built-in changes of films, flash and lens right in your iPhone. I just love the retro-feel photos that come out no matter what the lighting is available to you at that moment. Best of all, it reminds us of those old cameras (polaroids) in the past and the films it used to develop. 

Happy Sunday~!


Sunday Snapshots

Flowers and pretty patterns make me happy! Happy Sunday to all! 


Valentine's Day Plans

Ever since we've had the baby, we spent valentine's day at home. I predictably would grill some steak and asparagus for dinner and serve a store-bought dessert. Recently, we'd try to go out as a family of three the weekend before or after valentine's day. It's less hectic that way. 

Since my parents are here, I think this year we'll do something different. Have a hearty dinner with the family on Feb. 14th and do something special for the two of us at a later date. Maybe catch a romantic comedy movie, stay out late for a long uninterrupted dinner and sip coffee at a local cafe and share a dessert.  

What are your plans this Feb 14th?


Sunday Snapshots

It was a warmer Saturday with light showers. We stayed indoors and did an uneventful window shopping, driving and eating out. 

Our house is back to it's normal post-holiday ambiance and my blue home accessories are out. Tried using my camera without the glitter of the Christmas decor and it turned out alright. I will try to take some more next time.


Daddy wanted to see some eye candy and we patiently hung out with him till he was ready to go.




Finally, we went to the galleria to exchange some stuff and had a late lunch at the hotel's sports bar to watch college basketball games. 

Glad I was able to play with my camera outside of the house for two weekends in a row! 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 


Peace out

It's not the best shot BUT it was the best midday treat i had in awhile.

peace out

Don't you hate it when your little boy's school is just a few blocks from Sprinkles? I had to stop by before I scoop him up. And yes, it's convenient to blame it on him.

Forgive me but I had to scratch off a few reminders in my list.


Sunday Snapshots

Yesterday we had a great time at the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center for a birthday party. The air was crisp and the sunshine was refreshing. It was a  perfect day for a nature trail walk which we all enjoyed!

The kids get to join in the scavenger hunt observing for 
paw prints, trees, furry friends, slithering creatures and more! 

Aston with the party's hike leader and friends
Olivia undeniably enjoyed her cupcake
Someone's having so much fun! 

We all had our morning exercise with a good amount 
of hiking on that beautiful day! 



My New Year's Resolution

Its day 5 of 2011 and I already broke a resolution. Are these resolutions made to be broken? Why even make one when you know you can't own it. I try to make doable resolutions but it's tough, I have to admit.

So, I havent really made a list. BUT I did make a few reminders for myself that I need to make improvements on for this year that I know I didn't do so well last 2010. Here's what made it to my reminder list :
  • Be more patient in everything
  • Eat healthier and eat small portions
  • Get back on my elliptical at least twice a week
  • Drink less diet Coke
  • Grow my hair back
  • Take more photos of Aston AND me
  • Organize my closet
  • Finish off Aston's photobooks from 2010
  • Recycle old magazines that is in a huge pile by my bedside
  • Toss/donate old clothes (including Aston's and Ben's)
I'm not going to say which reminder I ignored but I am working hard on getting myself to abide by these reminders.

How about you? How are you doing on your NY resolutions?


Blogger Meet-up

{Photo by meredith of the sweet T family}
After Christmas, a group of us local bloggers met up for dinner at Gigi's in the Galleria and seriously had a great time. To check out all the ladies and their blogs, hop on to Meredith's blog (our lovely meet-up hostess) to check out all the links!

Till next time ladies! 


Sunday Snapshots

It's the first sunday of the year and this is officially my first blog post for 2011! 
I am just amazed how the holiday break went by so fast and I'm quite not ready to put down the Christmas decor just yet. So I spent the last few days taking snapshots of random things in the house and some sneak shots of Aston as I debut a weekly blog post feature called "Sunday Snapshots".  

I'm still playing around with my new camera and I'm loving the images it takes! I hope you like it as well.....