My New Year's Resolution

Its day 5 of 2011 and I already broke a resolution. Are these resolutions made to be broken? Why even make one when you know you can't own it. I try to make doable resolutions but it's tough, I have to admit.

So, I havent really made a list. BUT I did make a few reminders for myself that I need to make improvements on for this year that I know I didn't do so well last 2010. Here's what made it to my reminder list :
  • Be more patient in everything
  • Eat healthier and eat small portions
  • Get back on my elliptical at least twice a week
  • Drink less diet Coke
  • Grow my hair back
  • Take more photos of Aston AND me
  • Organize my closet
  • Finish off Aston's photobooks from 2010
  • Recycle old magazines that is in a huge pile by my bedside
  • Toss/donate old clothes (including Aston's and Ben's)
I'm not going to say which reminder I ignored but I am working hard on getting myself to abide by these reminders.

How about you? How are you doing on your NY resolutions?


Anonymous said...

I can totally relate! Though I also made a shopping resolution ... only buy items online if I've seen the piece IRL or if it's a rare find.


cMe said...

Ummm, your EXACT resolutions are the ones I should put on my list! Except I just moved the stack of magazines from my bedside to a closet to avoid going through them and tearing out the stuff I like (recipes, decor).