Almost 5

We still can't get over the fact that our little guy will be five soon. We just concluded the Parent-Teacher conference last Friday and we were blown away with some of the amazing stuff he does at school that we never get to witness at home. We know he's very friendly, but we never realized that he's that much of a "people-person" at school (talking about Mr. Popular) knowing that he gets his moods sometimes. From the last conference we had last fall, so much maturity and improvement has taken place that we can't deny that our baby is so ready to go to kindergarten and the "real" school. We couldn't be more proud of him. 

Superhero party crafting

On that note, a big 5 year old birthday celebration are in the works and I am slaving away crafting and get little details ironed out before his birthday party. 

Graduated to next level

Last week, we also got another surprise from his swimming teacher and got word that he is ready to be in the next level class! He is definitely loving his time in the water!

Me and my boy

Just a random photo of us before going to early Sunday mass. We also graduated from the cry room and bravely settled in the big church with a very well behaved boy! Yay!

Almost 5

I dont know about getting rid of the training wheels but I'm sure it'll be soon! 

This boy is ready to be five soon! 


Weekend Reads

There are a few books I've been wanting to read for a few weeks now. But unless I set foot in Barnes and Noble and get my copies (yes, i still want to flip pages), I'd have to settle by reading through mailed magazines and catalogs. Recently, I spotted this chick lit Paris my Sweet at Target and decided i want something lighthearted to read. I have yet to read it. The new special issue Domino magazine consumed all my time last night. So nice to have it back even for just a few issues (another special issue is set for this fall). So this was how my past weekend nights looked like.....


Friday night's agenda

What are you reading now? What's in your nighstand? 


Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Our little man's super hero invitations were finally printed and will be mailed out before the weekend. Paper invites were assembled in their coordinating white envelopes, sprinkled with festive star confetti and sealed with their matching address labels. We are in party mood over here! 


Invitations by Paula of frog prince paperie, available here


Party Planning With A Superhero

As of last saturday morning, our soon-to-be 5 year old's party theme was spiderman as approved by the birthday boy. That same morning he grabbed a random superman shirt we got him from old navy a few months ago and decided he wanted a cape to wear it with. So out we went for a lovely saturday outing with our caped superhero! 

Almost 5 yo

And if you have a passionate little guy whose imagination rivals any artist, you know that soon enough everything (and anything) will revolve around that of-the-moment obsession. It didnt take long for him to switch out birthday party themes on me. Spiderman was a long favorite for over a year and we thought it was due time to give him a spiderman party. But just like that, superman won out! 


Thankfully, nothing was finalized with any of his party papergoods including the invitations. But i've got everything planned in my mind - the colors, the designs, party favors, tablecenterpieces, the cake!

Now I've got to creatively somehow re-plot everything and hopefully with just slight revisions and color changes. The joys of party planning with a fickleminded 4 year old boss ~ such challenges and i'm all for it! 


Stay tuned for more party planning details! 


Beautiful Journeys

I had the privilege to attend a luncheon last week with a dear friend, benefitting the Children's Assessment Center here in Houston. An extraordinary organization helping children victims of abuse. It was a successful turnout with a fabulous fashion show from Neiman Marcus with the presence of  Ken Downing, nonetheless. 

Keynote guest speaker was the gorgeous Ashley Judd, whose passionate charity commitment as well as work as an actress, I admire. By the end of the event, awareness on acts of abuse was heightened and donations through auction bidding was at an all time high. I myself was drawn to this $20 colorful bracelet being sold at the door and was proudly wearing it that day (will find out more where you can get your's if you're interested and I will update this post once I find out) ! 


If you want to know more about the Children's Assessment Center and how you can support the organization, please visit their website