Almost 5

We still can't get over the fact that our little guy will be five soon. We just concluded the Parent-Teacher conference last Friday and we were blown away with some of the amazing stuff he does at school that we never get to witness at home. We know he's very friendly, but we never realized that he's that much of a "people-person" at school (talking about Mr. Popular) knowing that he gets his moods sometimes. From the last conference we had last fall, so much maturity and improvement has taken place that we can't deny that our baby is so ready to go to kindergarten and the "real" school. We couldn't be more proud of him. 

Superhero party crafting

On that note, a big 5 year old birthday celebration are in the works and I am slaving away crafting and get little details ironed out before his birthday party. 

Graduated to next level

Last week, we also got another surprise from his swimming teacher and got word that he is ready to be in the next level class! He is definitely loving his time in the water!

Me and my boy

Just a random photo of us before going to early Sunday mass. We also graduated from the cry room and bravely settled in the big church with a very well behaved boy! Yay!

Almost 5

I dont know about getting rid of the training wheels but I'm sure it'll be soon! 

This boy is ready to be five soon! 

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