Scenes from the Weekend

The wonderful weekend started with a casual dinner out with the family Friday night. It was a tad warm and I cant resist sporting my sandals and tunic. I can't believe we had a mild winter and I'm already wearing spring/summer clothes. I guess I should not be complaining and just enjoy it! 


I also started decorating our home for the easter holiday. I chanced upon some $0.99 glitter ornament eggs and started decorating with them. I also had confetti eggs on hand. Those went inside my apothecary jars. For more of my easter home decor, visit my other blog

Easter ready

Saturday morning, we started really early and had brunch at City Centre's, Cyclone Anaya's for some yummy  mexican breakfast fare. It was such a gorgeous day and we spent half the day there and we drove off to the Woodlands for more leisurely driving! 

Saturday brunch

My niece Ailynne celebrated a birthday this past Sunday and we were off to meet them at Coal Vine's for lunch. The ambiance was fantastic as well as the food. We had a grand time gathering with family and relatives! 


Finally, I ended the weekend with some crafting. I am planning to decorate easter basket/buckets for my friends' kids and here are my paraphernalia. More on that later. 


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 


My Favorites in Instagram

By no means I'm a photographer nor a stylist in real life but I'm loving how my iPhone shots come out using the Instagram app. I love taking photos of interesting lovely pretty things and add a little dreamy feature and tiny bokehs, they come out pretty amazing! 


Coffeetable books

Charming Charlie finds

Wedding guest


Pink ikat and Essie







Pastel weekend

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Wedding Stories

Last Friday we attended a nephew's beautiful wedding and despite the gorgeous weather, my allergies as well as Aston's had it's major attack. It was actually nice to have the wedding outside and the venue was perfect for it. I wished we both took extra doses of our allergy medicines and Aston getting a few of his allergy-control eye drops. But nevertheless, we still had a lot of fun. The food was delicious, lots of dancing and lots of french macarons for the night. And not to mention the fun crazy photobooth! 

Here are a few iPhone shots I managed to take :

Wedding guest

I did enjoy getting ready for the night. I had a hair blowout at my favorite blow dry place and get to dress up fancy with pretty jewelry and put on a rare appearance of some lovely high heels!

Miu Miu

The wedding venue

The Gallery

At a cousin's wedding

Aston posing for his daddy here. He was such a well-behaved boy. He get to hang out with his cousins Daniel, who was the ring bearer and his little brother David! 

Model pose :-)

Little man

Gorgeous flower centerpieces

Wedding flowers

And lastly, the vintage get-away car for the newly weds! 


Congratulations, Arvy and Candace!


Party Plotting

In a few months, our little guy will turn 5 and i've got my work cut out for me this year. I've got feedback from the wee boss that he wants a spiderman party, then one day he'd switched out to a superman party or that he'd like a star wars jedi training get-together. It seems like he can't make up his mind! 

Luckily, i've got tons of inspiration from my favorite party gals and pinterest and i'm taking notes! 

How awesome is this spiderman pinata? Aston will flip out when he sees this! 

If hosting a star wars-themed party, these cupcakes are perfect! 

Of course, there has to be capes for our superheroes! 

I kinda like the colors of this superhero-themed party and it's non-specific, non-commercialized goodness and i'm all for that ~ IF the little guy OKs! 

I am excited to plan this party but really, i can't believe he is almost 5! That's what i'm amazed about ~ where did our baby go? He was just in pampers and we blinked and soon he'll be in kindergarten! wow!


Loving the Barre

I started the year getting my act together and signed up with friends to a pure barre class which I've religiously attended 3 times a week for a little over a month now. It's such a fun exhilirating workout (sorry but I can't say the same thing about my first ever pure barre session) and I feel good after. I love coming in and sweating it out with motivation from friends and the instructors and I just hope I get to keep it up. My aim is to get fit and being healthy and ultimately lose weight, of course. In the meantime, I am working on giving up my soda, cupcakes and tapioca drinks - good luck to me!

Define barre


Barre class

Check out the pure barre classes at Define Body And Mind Houston
(I am quietly wishing and praying for a Sugar Land location, Hank !)


T'was a Cold, Rainy Weekend

Lazy weekend

This pretty much sums up our weekend. We mostly stayed home, enjoyed some down time, tv show reruns and some home-cooked meals I was able to whip up. Saturday started with dark clouds and endless rain. I don't think I got out of my jammies. I did enjoy a quiet time reading on latest magazines that were on my mailbox last Friday. We then had ribs and sweet corn for dinner. Yum! 

Sunday was the same story, we missed church mass due to daylight savings time change and the weather was not even better. I cooked one of my husband's favorite dish, beef stew and dessert was funfetti brownies from the box. But before the weekend ended, I was able to run out and do some much needed errands from Target and CVS and that was the whole event of the weekend! 

I hope the sun comes out at some point this coming week but according to my iPhone weather, looks like it'll be raining mostly. Oh well. 


Boo for Allergies

Oh yes, they do. And our poor little Aston suffered from them so bad. I picked him up from school last Friday and I knew that spring season is here as his eyes were watery, puffy and red. It seems that his allergies are getting worse year after year. Or the pollen is just getting bad and early this time. Whatever it is, it's still bad news and it refrained us from having a wonderful time this past weekend as it was such a glorious beautiful weekend in the city. He did take a kid's allergy medication which the first one we gave him made him drowsy and loopy. He spent most of Saturday sleeping but was fine Sunday when we switched his meds but still, no playground trips or outdoor fun for a long period of time. 

How is the allergy season treating you?