Wedding Stories

Last Friday we attended a nephew's beautiful wedding and despite the gorgeous weather, my allergies as well as Aston's had it's major attack. It was actually nice to have the wedding outside and the venue was perfect for it. I wished we both took extra doses of our allergy medicines and Aston getting a few of his allergy-control eye drops. But nevertheless, we still had a lot of fun. The food was delicious, lots of dancing and lots of french macarons for the night. And not to mention the fun crazy photobooth! 

Here are a few iPhone shots I managed to take :

Wedding guest

I did enjoy getting ready for the night. I had a hair blowout at my favorite blow dry place and get to dress up fancy with pretty jewelry and put on a rare appearance of some lovely high heels!

Miu Miu

The wedding venue

The Gallery

At a cousin's wedding

Aston posing for his daddy here. He was such a well-behaved boy. He get to hang out with his cousins Daniel, who was the ring bearer and his little brother David! 

Model pose :-)

Little man

Gorgeous flower centerpieces

Wedding flowers

And lastly, the vintage get-away car for the newly weds! 


Congratulations, Arvy and Candace!

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