The Birthday Boy

It's been a crazy week for our family. This delayed birthday post is way overdue. Last Friday, Aston celebrated his actual birthday waking up with some awesome news to drive to San Antonio for the long weekend and a surprise birthday cupcake for breakfast! What kid won't want that? 

We had been celebrating all 2 weeks long and this long weekend trip is the highlight of his birthday. We booked at a kid-friendly resort and we're excited to meet some friends there along with their kids too. We left right before lunch and had a pleasant drive to the country and our superhero was just beside himself. He knows he will be by the pool all weekend and will be hanging out with his buddies. 

Happy 5th birthday!

Happy 5th bday!

Before we left for San Antonio, I made arrangements for a special treat for him during Looney Tunes breakfast which they offer at the hotel and their pastry chef baked a really delicious cake for him. He was able to share yet another cake candle blowing fun with his friends! 

Birthday guest, Tweety bird

photo by nina

photo by nina

Last two photos by friend, Nina


Pre-Birthday Tidbits

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Birthday Blessing at Chapel

Leading to the big party weekend, Aston had a big celebration at school starting with a May birthday celebrants' recognition at school's chapel. He was so thrilled to be called to come up and handed a special birthday sticker and being blessed with a prayer and a birthday song. His class then were treated with superhero cupcakes for his classroom birthday party! 

May bday celebrants at Chapel

Front and center

Birthday sticker

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Friday Dinner

With the grandparents, we feasted scrumptious italian dinner and enjoyed a concert under the stars at our local town center. Despite how hot it was that day, he insisted on wearing his boots and carry his Superman lunchbox filled with random toys. Boys will be boys!

Friday outing

Friday outing

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Superhero Birthday Party

Early Saturday morning, we then prepared for his birthday party. He had 2 hours of bouncy fun with his classmates and friends. More pictures from the party will be shared later. But do check out my mommy superhero outfit - LOL. I found an iron-on "supermom" sticker during mother's day weekend, it was perfect for the superhero party!

Superhero party

Superhero party outfit for mommy

As if one party was not enough - we headed later to best buddy Noah's sports-themed birthday party! 
So much fun! 

Noah's birthday party

More pics from his party will be shared soon! 


PreK Capers

This week was the last week of school and they had a special event for the preK classes called the preK Capers. A sort of a field day starting with a lunch party at their classrooms and exchange of autographs for their class picture book. It was then followed by endless games and activities such as bean toss, musical dots, limbo rock and scooter relay out in the gym. They all had so much fun and we parents get to be a part of it too!

After an exhausting time in the gym, everyone lined up to go back to their respective classrooms and end the day with cupcakes and crafting. It was an amazing year for Aston and he will surely miss his friends. Most of them will depart and move to a new Kindergarten while he stays in the same school for another year. We love this school and their teachers and we have seen him being nurtured and guided into a mild mannered, gentle young boy whose craving for learning is just beyond belief. We are so grateful for this! 

Signature book

Go team preK

Bean bag toss

Bean bag toss

Limbo rock

Limbo rock champ!

Limbo rock

Musical dots

Musical dots

Real boys wear pink!

Decorate and color your summer door hanger

PreK capers



Mother's Day Weekend Recap

When I booked my husband's seminar a few months ago, I didnt realize it fell on Mother's Day weekend. We didn't have big plans but certainly we want to spend the day with loved ones especially with my mother and our little family. So, the trip was quick ~ we left Friday and back home Sunday afternoon just in time to spend Mother's day celebration with my folks, having an early dinner out by a lake. It was pleasant and nice. 

The whole weekend was delightful. Hanging out with my sister who lives in Chicago ~ sharing Gino's East pizza and stopping by a local Lego store with the little guy. The weather was cooler last Saturday and it rained a bit. But by the time we were getting ready to head to the airport, the sunny weather was out for a perfect Mother's day! 

Here are a few snapshots from our weekend : 
Packing for a quick trip to the Windy City
Ohare chicago
Arriving at Chicago's O'Hare airport
Hotel lobby
At the hotel's cool lobby
Dressing comfy for the weekend
Mother's day breakfast
Mother's Day breakfast with my sweet buddy

I hope all mother's get to have a wonderful Mother's day last Sunday!


Work of Art

Artwork by Aston, almost 5 years old


I am a proud beaming mama :)