Pre-Birthday Tidbits

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Birthday Blessing at Chapel

Leading to the big party weekend, Aston had a big celebration at school starting with a May birthday celebrants' recognition at school's chapel. He was so thrilled to be called to come up and handed a special birthday sticker and being blessed with a prayer and a birthday song. His class then were treated with superhero cupcakes for his classroom birthday party! 

May bday celebrants at Chapel

Front and center

Birthday sticker

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Friday Dinner

With the grandparents, we feasted scrumptious italian dinner and enjoyed a concert under the stars at our local town center. Despite how hot it was that day, he insisted on wearing his boots and carry his Superman lunchbox filled with random toys. Boys will be boys!

Friday outing

Friday outing

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Superhero Birthday Party

Early Saturday morning, we then prepared for his birthday party. He had 2 hours of bouncy fun with his classmates and friends. More pictures from the party will be shared later. But do check out my mommy superhero outfit - LOL. I found an iron-on "supermom" sticker during mother's day weekend, it was perfect for the superhero party!

Superhero party

Superhero party outfit for mommy

As if one party was not enough - we headed later to best buddy Noah's sports-themed birthday party! 
So much fun! 

Noah's birthday party

More pics from his party will be shared soon! 

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