T'was a Cold, Rainy Weekend

Lazy weekend

This pretty much sums up our weekend. We mostly stayed home, enjoyed some down time, tv show reruns and some home-cooked meals I was able to whip up. Saturday started with dark clouds and endless rain. I don't think I got out of my jammies. I did enjoy a quiet time reading on latest magazines that were on my mailbox last Friday. We then had ribs and sweet corn for dinner. Yum! 

Sunday was the same story, we missed church mass due to daylight savings time change and the weather was not even better. I cooked one of my husband's favorite dish, beef stew and dessert was funfetti brownies from the box. But before the weekend ended, I was able to run out and do some much needed errands from Target and CVS and that was the whole event of the weekend! 

I hope the sun comes out at some point this coming week but according to my iPhone weather, looks like it'll be raining mostly. Oh well. 

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