Sunday Snapshots

It was a warmer Saturday with light showers. We stayed indoors and did an uneventful window shopping, driving and eating out. 

Our house is back to it's normal post-holiday ambiance and my blue home accessories are out. Tried using my camera without the glitter of the Christmas decor and it turned out alright. I will try to take some more next time.


Daddy wanted to see some eye candy and we patiently hung out with him till he was ready to go.




Finally, we went to the galleria to exchange some stuff and had a late lunch at the hotel's sports bar to watch college basketball games. 

Glad I was able to play with my camera outside of the house for two weekends in a row! 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 


GabbyRM said...

These are great! Isn't it nice? For me, a day when I get to take a lot of pictures and play around with my camera puts me in a really good.

GabbyRM said...


Michelle said...

Awesome! I think I will like what's inside that expensive looking bag :)