Vintage family photos

I'd like to share a few precious photos from our family obviously taken many many years ago in the Philippines. I love the black/white and sepia shots of the images, not sure if the bluish and yellow tinge on the various pictures are due to the scanning or it really depicted the true aging of the photos and is reflected after the scans. No matter how it came about, they are priceless photos of our young family then.  


My father with my three older siblings. This was taken before I was born. 

alvi and lilivi

Mom with Lilivi and Alvi. Must be my sister's birthday celebration. Looks like she's in charge of the cake. 

7up with papang and older sis lilith

Yup, that's me taking a quick refreshing soda drink from Papang before heading back out to the water. Older sister Lilith is behind me. 

fort san pedro iloilo city

Visits to the park was a ritual family outing usually after school or the weekends. That's me and my little brother Vincent and mom at a local park. Not sure why he does not have a shirt on (and shoes). 


At home with the neighborhood kids. This must be a birthday party for me and Lilith. We both have January birthdates and usually share a birthday celebration.

My parents back in the day.


My first time as a flower girl and I don't think i walked the aisle.


My mom and eldest brother at the beach.

christmas with yaya carol and lilith

I must be about 3 years old here attending a holiday party with my older sister Lilith and our nanny. Unsure who the little boy is. Looks like he's got his treat and balloon early before we did. No wonder I was pouting. 


GabbyRM said...

These are awesome! I like the little stroller your brother had. Maybe he got his clothes dirty or it was too hot and humid, lol.

G & M said...

i had the same stroller! it's good to see old photos. thanks for sharing them, lili.

marc said...

Those are precious photos... I love those vintage b&w and sepia...