Cold hands, Warm hearts

I've been staying at home since yesterday. With temps in record lows (for Houston) of under 30, we folks don't know how to act right. I know funny, but I'd rather be home warm and safe with the little one who's also skipping school. 

In the meantime, we're waiting for "snow" (more like flurries) to drop and we're enjoying a few things to kill the time away. Other than extra hour naps and aiming at a few stubborn "angry birds", we are being treated to these : 

My mom made chicken arroz caldo with lots of garlic. Hello, garlic breath :)


Gosh, i have stopped counting how many cups of green tea 
i've had since this morning (and the number of bathroom trips I've made).


Before lunch today, i baked a batch of chocolate cupcakes enough to feed the entire neighborhood. My cupcakes may not look as good as these but they were delicious i may say. 


I am looking forward to some sunshine and warmer temperatures this weekend. Are you keeping safe and warm at home? 


janice a. gimenez said...

keep warm, paz! the arroz caldo looks absolutely yummy =)

Lili said...

thanks jans! we are dying to get out of the house....