Aston and Friends

Aston has been a loyal friend to Thomas and his gang for the past year or so. They've spent quite a lot of time together. They were inseparable. 

aston, thomas, xylophone and friends
they cruised around town together
new bff
they watch cartoons together
new bff
thomas the train tags along to school
Fave book
our little bookworm enjoyed reading rhymes, admiring stickers and singing along with thomas
Ride along with Thomas

Reading railway rhymes

Sunday nap
and during nap times, they dream together

Sleeping with all his friends

aston and thomas birthday cake
finally, the highlight of their friendship was the celebration of  Aston's third birthday with his best friend Thomas earlier this year!

Too bad, Spiderman took over the love and attention of this "maturing" boy. I kinda miss Thomas.

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