Images from Christmas Pasts

I'd like to post here some of our old holiday photos in the past before I manage to accidentally delete any of them in my files. I already could not find some of our earlier hardcopy pictures (when negative rolls of films still existed) and I am very glad for some of these digital copies saved. You do recognize that these are early 2000 pics as I used to have long hair and managed to stay under 140 lbs (!) then. You'll see the transformation as we get to recent pictures and you know what I'm talking about. Ben still looks the same. No weight gain or anything. Possibly more grey hair but you'll hardly notice that either. Ok, on to my cheerful holiday post as I ignore my weight gain battle issue. LOL.

old pics
2004 Under our tree with goddaughter Bianca. It was their first Christmas in Houston (after moving from Chicago) and it snowed Christmas eve!
with the elves
2005 At bestfriend's Joy and Loven's house helping out the little elves decorate their tree. With Bianca and friend, KC. 

Me proudly showing off my new ipod shuffle from Joy and Loven as we opened gifts at their home Christmas eve 2005.
ipod shuffle xmas gift from bianca

Somehow, I could not find pictures of Dec. 2006, the Christmas I was pregnant with Aston. That's probably a good thing. Ha!

yuletide 2007

2007 The holiday season went in a blur, just like this photo of our tree that year. That November, my sister Lilith was diagnosed with brain cancer glioblastoma-type. She underwent surgery in November, went home for Thanksgiving and back at the hospital in early December and passed away under hospice care on the 12th right before Christmas. We were all devastated and with the support of family, friends and relatives, we managed to cope through the yuletide season knowing she was in a much better place.

with cousin katie

2007 Aston was only 7 months when Lilith passed away. Here he was picking out a last minute tree to decorate with cousin Katie.
dec. 23 get-together

2007 Taken at a friend's house 4 days (and 2 days before Christmas day) before my flight to the Philippines to bring home Lilith's remains. It was a sad bittersweet homecoming. 

tree shot
2008 Us under a giant Christmas tree
with santa
2008 Aston with Santa and daddy
christmas day 2009
2009 Christmas day luncheon at nana's place

2009 Opening presents Christmas morning

There are more memorable images of previous holiday celebrations to sort out. I am just happy to post these as I fondly recall warm thoughts and memories of the holiday seasons past. 


janice a. gimenez said...

paz, i still have a copy of your 2007 christmas family pic, though that one was taken at your house. just came across it tonight. i know that year was tough on you all. and after not having seen each other for a long, long time, it was just so sad that our reunion happened because of that circumstance.

Lili said...

Hi jans, I remember that! I wish I could have stayed longer but I was very happy that even for a short time I got to spend it with old friends I haven't seen for over 10 yrs! Thanks for making that happen!