Busy School Boy

The last few weeks had been busy with our little boy's school activities starting with a Daddy and Me breakfast just in time for the start of the town's annual rodeo. 
They both had a wonderful time with other dads and his friends and they get to play cowboys for a day. 

Rodeo breakfast w dads

Rodeo breakfast w dads

Heading out to go to rodeo breakfast

The other exciting event they had at school was the Transportation day where various cars, trucks, boats, RVs and motorcycles parade in the school parking lot for all the students to ride and play with all morning. Despite the gloomy rainy day, they all had a grand time. I am so glad to know that this is a yearly event that the school hosts!  

Race car

On a race car from the Houston Grand Prix

Police horses

An RV camper

They were all thrilled to be in a RV

An antique ford truck

Everyone squeezing on a vintage Ford pickup. My favorite from the event! 

The flatbed truck was everyone's fave

A favorite of the kids, they all get to pull the truck's horn and squeal with delight! 

Fishing boat

Then finally, it was a treat for them to get to sit on a fishing boat and I am just a lucky mom who's able to share these days with him at school and able to witness the joy these activities bring to him!