Health Scare

Early thursday morning around 1 am, we were in a nearby emergency room having our little guy checked out for a possible seizure event that occurred in the middle of the night. He was a brave boy fighting needles and CT scan testing, as we were finding some answers why such seizures were manifested by him.
ER visit

Patiently waiting for test results. To spend the time away, he cuddled under the sheets and decorated his arm splint with stickers. 


The doctors then decided to move him to the main children's hospital for close monitoring and observation. We had a safe, uneventful ambulance ride to the main hospital.

Waiting for MRI

More waiting in ER as he discovers fun colorful tapes and stickers. Thank heavens for in-room cartoon TV network.

Walking the hallways w daddy

His favorite thing to do was to walk the hallways and ride the wheelchairs. 

Loves the wheelchair rides

The EEG testing was not a pleasant one but he was such a trooper!


After over a day of anxiously waiting for final test results, we were grateful and blessed that all testing procedures yielded negative results. 

Nice Hospital view room but we r so ready to go home

Once again, we thank all family and friends who prayed and offered words of comfort and strength that lifted us both as we were scared, anxious and unsure last Thursday. And in less than 48 hours, we were relieved as we got the answers we were hoping for. 

Thank you Lord for your healing hands. 


Junnie said...

Praise God! Such an event shatters whatever priorities we have - health of our family is almost foremost! I can feel you now being a dad myself and anytime the small kid feels - ahchy...you feel the pain too, maybe more.

Thanks for sharing Lili Paz...;P

Lili said...

thank you Junnie!

Frog Prince Paperie said...

How scary! I am so happy everything turned out well.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lili, glory to God! I'm so thankful to read the post and see that once again He shows himself faithful!:) ~ Clemens

Cabby Crafter said...

so glad to see that he is smiling again (i bet his parents are smiling even more). God bless!

Linh said...

Again, so glad everything turned out ok Lili! My prayers go out to your family :) He is such a trooper and is smiling in like every shot! So cute!