Summer's Last Hurrah

It will be sad to say goodbye to lazy summers but it will be so much nicer when the cooler weather is her and fall is upon us. The past week we have been busy preparing for the beginning of a new school year and it's been exciting for the little one as he enters preK! 

We start next week so Aston has been sleeping early to get used to the schedule unlike his laid back summer days. Waking up to cartoons and getting extra hour up awake at night will be replaced with a more strict schedule of early bed and early mornings!

Sleep tight

The other day, I treated him to a cupcake and milk break over at Crave while we waited for daddy to finish his work day. Of course, I have to have my treat too. He had the red velvet, I tried the cranberry/mandarin. Yum-o!

Crave cupcakes

Crave cupcakes

Another window shopping trip the other day ended up with some major shopping spree at Williams-Sonoma where they have Marvel comic characters baking and kitchen wares. He has been obsessed with action heroes ranging from Spiderman to Incredible Hulk and he loves their display even if they're far from real toys. We ended up staying a good 45 minutes browsing and enjoying the collection. Thankfully, they still have some Star Wars collection on sale and had to get him the tin box (which can be used as lunch box) filled with Star Wars character sandwhich cutters (under $10!). Great score!

Spiderman at Williams-sonata

As a kid, I loved scribbling and doodling and I wished Aston would be too. This summer I had him practicing his letters and tracing his name. The pen grip is still awkward and the letters are far from recognizable but I'm sure he'll get the hang of it. 

Preparing for preK

Blogger friend Rebekah of A Blissful Nest shared some back-to-school free printables on her blog this week and I was dying to use them for Aston's teachers treats. I printed them on sticker paper and used them as labels for the hand sanitizers, pens/notepads and the bags of butterscotch I baked for them. 

For teachers gifts

Teachers treats

Teachers treats

This boxed butterscotch from Williams-Sonoma are soo good and I packed a few bars for the teachers to try. I hope they liked them as much as we all did at home!


That's all for now. I will have full report of his first day of school next week! 


Sandy a la Mode said...

great pics!! your boy is adorable!!

Annie @ Wattlebird said...

I love Williams Sonoma! I have to stay far far away though, or my money will all just mysteriously leave me...