Through The Years

Thank you honey......

.....for never failing to let us know how much you love us everyday!
.....for sharing your dessert with me when we dine out!
......for turning on the heated seats on my side during winter before i hop in the car!
.....for giving Aston a bath at night while I enjoy some brief me-time!
.....for taking us out on weekends for our routine long drives!
......for flashing that bedimpled smile to light up my bad days!

Happy 11th year wedding anniversary to my partner in crime, my buddy, my husband Ben!


Cabby Crafter said...

Happy anniversary, Lili! Such a beautiful couple.

lilivi said...

We are glad we have Aston..you both deserve a good loving boy..to both of you..cheers!!!!!Congrats!!!!!

Lili said...

Thank you much!!!