Growth Spurt

Where did our baby go? In a few weeks he will be in Kindergarten. Lots of mixed emotions over here. Keep me from sobbing.

He looks and acts different now - in a good way. Our little big boy is acting like he's 5. He's more verbal with his emotions and how he feels (a tender way of talking back at us). More decisive and highly inquisitive (aka very nosy). And refuses to have a haircut. He's going for the surfer dude look. 

He still loves his goldfish crackers though and he's rekindling his love for the Cars movie in preparation for a Disney California trip before school starts. Superheroes and villains take a back seat for now (thank god) as racecars and tow trucks are a new passion. 

christmas 2010

christmas 2010

fall 2010

summer 2011

christmas 2011 and spring 2012

Sweet Aston baby, please dont grow up so fast. Love, Mom and Dad.

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lilivi said...

Loving all his pictures!!!! He is growing so fast...