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Aston 5 yrs old
{Aston's latest Artwork}

The first month of Kindergarten was quite a breeze (with a just few reports from the teachers about compliance issues, oh well, stubborn boy). Carpool started last week and with the long line, we had a few moments to goof around with my phone camera while we waited for our turn (car is on park mode). 


We fought for airtime here :))


This past Monday he went home with homework so we arranged for a homework schedule. It worked well with him and I'm so proud of his reading skills. Slowly and surely getting there! 

Can't believe I'm saying this but I'm looking forward to working with him in his homeworks. I'm sure there will be days and nights where a frown or a "NO!" response is what I'll get but so far so good and I am hoping for the best! 


Every Friday will be Show and Share at his kindergarten class and today it is his turn to "show" what he wants to be when he grows up (it was to become a superhero last week). Last night, we prepared for his "show" talking about why he wants to be a doctor (inspired by dad) and he had a ball playing with daddy's "telescope" (stethoscope) and instructing the bear to "breathe". We'll see what he actually did in class from the full report of his teacher. I hope he didn't goof off and be the comedy man of the hour :)

Show and share

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lilivi said...

He is so adorable in the pictures...well good job on show and share...and doing homework is fun for now...how cute....