Scenes from Halloween


Halloween 2012 Halloween 2012 Halloween 2012

Yesterday's halloween was so much fun. The day started with the annual school's halloween day parade and classroom party. The kids get to wear their favorite costumes (they were all so cute!) and enjoyed a post-parade party with arts and crafts, sweet treats and a party favor to take home. 

By the time i picked up Aston from school, I can tell he was pooped. But he was a trooper as he knows later in the evening he has a whole block to T or T. His cousins Daniel and David - Ailynne's boys - were our early trick or treaters, so we headed out and finished the rest of the night with them. Oh, and we also crashed a neighbor's block party - all in good fun! 

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Meg {henninglove} said...

these photos are absolutely darling!! i love those pumpkin plates