Spring Break Style

I've decided to do a blog series of kids street style stemming from Aston's rodeo outfit post on my lifestyle blog, SWANKY::CHIC::FETE. He loves hamming it up to the camera (in this case, iphone cam) and is totally loving the attention. tTis 5 year old is also becoming a teenager in record speed and I am so sad. He now loves skateboards (finger skateboards are what we allow him to play) and basketball. No more superheroes or dinosaurs.

We travelled by plane last week and he insisted on wearing a hoodie coming back (but I forced him on preppy khakis and sweater on the way to Vegas) and like any normal 5 yr olds, his backpack was filled with crackers and coloring books. He has been pretty behaved travelling nowadays and with those necessities, he has been an angel!

here's what he was wearing : 
striped hoodie (similar here) // burberry jeans (pricey but he has been wearing it since he was 3!)
zara boys booties (from last year but similar here in blue) // quilted backpack (similar here


Alanna said...

This is so fun and adorable! What a great idea.

lilivi said...

So cute ever and ever...