Chicago Trip

We had a little treat last week as my husband had a conference in Chicago and we get to tag along. We love Chicago and we always go every year as I have a sister who lives there and Ben's family who lives close in Indiana. This time the weather was so cold (as expected) and windy and it was a great shift of weather for us and we were all prepared. We bundled up and brought our thick sweaters and coats and boots.  

Hello Michigan ave!!

The day we arrived, it was raining and VERY cold. We stayed at the heart of Michigan Avenue and our daily itinerary was to drink coffee, eat, shop, walk, eat and shop some more!

With my sidekick

While daddy attended his meetings, me and my sweet sidekick would hit the Lego and Galt toy stores!

My lunch date

Lunch at Frankie's overlooking Michigan Ave!


Window shopping with mommy. This boy was super bored! 


 We stopped by Ghirardelli for a cup of white chocolate mocha! Delish!

Garrett popcorn

And picked up Garrett popcorn for Aston's teachers! 

We will be travelling again for Thanksgiving and I'm just proud and relieved to share that Aston has been an absolute angel in the plane. I don't mind travelling with a well-behaved buddy over and over again!

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