Halloween Recap

Weeks before Halloween I got Aston his costume and I figured he'll be obsessed still with Spiderman. But with a week left before their school halloween parade, he sang a different tune and wanted to be green lantern, darth vader and a ninja - all rolled into one fantasy costume! Hmm, that's not happening!

It took a lot of threatening and bribing to get him into his Spiderman costume and mask Monday morning. And I'm glad I didn't end up getting him a back up costume as he actually loved his spidey suit! 

Spidey and iron man

Iron Man and spidey! 

Aston in motion

Spiderman on the move (he just have to give mommy a quick hug in the middle of the parade - so sweet!)

The boys

The boys in their precious costumes!


Envious of Darth vader

Buddy Aiden in his cool Darth Vader suit! 

School Halloween party

It's party time! 

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