Closet purging and huge sale

Disclaimer : this is NOT my closet. LOL. 

With the advent of the new year, I am planning to scale down and purge my closet (and even the little boy's closet) and get rid of the ones we no longer use. I will be busy this weekend going through everything and see which ones go to goodwill and which ones I can pass along. 

I am planning to do a flash sale of these clothes via twitter sometime soon and maybe even post some here. So if you dont follow me via twitter, you can follow me if you like @swankychicfete. I just find it easier to snap pictures using my iphone and instantly post it via twitter. 

Obviously i would hate to flood your timeline, so I'd do it sporadically. If you see anything you like, tweet me your email and I'll send you a paypal invoice. Prices will be crazy low, so I hope you see something you like! 

ok, let me go now and sort what we have!

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